Deployment Architecture

Deploy OntoPop to a self-managed on-premise, cloud or hybrid environment integrated with open-source self-managed services such as HashiCorp Vault, RabbitMQ, Apache Jena, JanusGraph and Elasticsearch.

Please note that the OntoPop backend open-source software project, which includes the event-driven data pipelines and APIs, is undergoing extensive redesign and refactoring as part of OntoPop Community 3.x in order to improve performance, security, extensibility and maintainability. As a result, the documentation on this page will be significantly updated. Please refer to the OntoPop Roadmap for further information.


The following diagram illustrates an example deployment architecture when deploying to a self-managed on-premise, public/private cloud or hybrid environment integrated with entirely open-source and self-managed software services.

OntoPop self-managed open-source deployment architecture
OntoPop self-managed open-source deployment architecture


In the example open-source deployment architecture above, we deploy OntoPop's event-driven microservices and API collections as standard Spring Boot applications (i.e. without cloud vendor-specific handlers), integrated with the following open-source software services.

ServiceExample open-source service
Graph DatabaseJanusGraph
Object StorageLocal filesystem
Relational DatabaseHyperSQL Database (HSQLDB)
Search EngineElasticsearch
SecretsHashiCorp Vault
TriplestoreApache Jena (Fuseki)