Development roadmap for the OntoPop backend open-source software project.

The current version of OntoPop is OntoPop Community 2.x.

Community 3.x


Deliver extensive OWL vocabulary support and token-based API authentication.

  • Backend redesign and rewrite
  • Extensive OWL vocabulary support
  • OWL/XML, RDF/XML and Turtle support
  • Semantic validation and comments
  • API token-based authentication
  • Common Git vendors support

Coming in June 2023.

Community 2.x


Deliver a collection of event-driven data pipelines and APIs that enable consumer applications to visualise, search, semantically query, explore and manage version-controlled ontologies.

  • Event-driven ontology data pipelines
  • Ontology management API
  • Triplestore API (read-only)
  • Graph API (read-only)
  • Search API (read-only)
  • GitHub integration
  • Cloud object storage support
  • Cloud messaging support
  • Cloud secrets management support
  • Cloud graph database support
  • Cloud search support
  • Microsoft Azure managed services support
  • AWS managed services support
  • Partial OWL vocabulary support
  • OWL RDF/XML syntax support
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Community 1.x


Deliver a proof of value (PoV) system that demonstrates the value of visualizing ontologies.

  • Feasibility study
  • PoV ontology data services
  • PoV native visualisation user interface
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