OntoPop is an open-source project that enables the visualisation, search, exploration and management of version-controlled ontologies.
Last Updated: 05 May 2022 • Page Author: Jillur Quddus


The goal of OntoPop is to make ontologies easier to understand and more accessible to a broader range of users beyond information and data architects.
OntoPop achieves this by providing a collection of open-source software services that together enable downstream applications (including OntoPop's native UI app) to visualise, search, explore and manage version-controlled ontologies, thereby making the creation, manipulation, querying and management of ontologies significantly easier than when compared to current tools available on the market.
OntoPop was built and is actively maintained by HyperLearning AI.

Project Sponsors

The OntoPop project is sponsored by National Highways and HyperLearning AI. OntoPop is deployed at National Highways where it is being used to visualise and manage their ontology-based conceptual data model. Users, IT systems and suppliers alike at National Highways all use OntoPop to better understand what data exists across National Highways' entire data management landscape, where it is, who owns it, how to access it and how it can be linked together, thereby significantly improving data visibility and accessibility.

Primary Contributors

Provided below is the list of organisations and individuals who sponsor, and contribute towards, the development of the OntoPop project.




OntoPop is an open-source software project available under the GNU General Public License v3.0 (GNU GPLv3) software license.

Source Code

The source code for OntoPop may be found on GitHub at https://github.com/hyperlearningai/ontopop. Please refer to the OntoPop developer guides for an introduction to the OntoPop open-source code base.

Contact Information

For further information regarding the OntoPop project, including technical questions, funding queries and how to get involved as a contributor, please contact HyperLearning AI (project maintainer) at [email protected].